Priest of Love (1981)

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Cast List

(Cast list as in Director's Centenary Version of re-released film 1985 and DVD 2002)

Ian McKellen: D.H.Lawrence

Janet Suzman: Frieda Lawrence

Ava Gardner: Mabel Dodge Luhan

Penelope Keith: The Honourable Dorothy Brett

John Gielgud: Herbert G. Muskett

Ian McKellen and Janet Suzman in the cottage the Lawrences rented in Cornwall

Jorge Rivero: Tony Luhan

Maurizio Merli: Angelo Ravagli

James Faulkner: Aldous Huxley

Mike Gwilym: John Middleton Murry

Ava Gardner with Jorge Rivero at Lamy station in New Mexico

Massimo Ranieri: Piero Pini

Marjorie Yates: Ada Lawrence

Elio Pandolfi: Pino Orioli

Jane Booker: Barbara Weekley

REST OF THE CAST (in order of appearance)

Graham Faulkner: Cornish Farmer

Niall Padden: British Soldier

Andrew McCulloch: British Sergeant

l-r Niall Padden, Andrew McCulloch, Ian McKellan and Graham Faulkner.
After swimming in Cornwall with a local farmer, British soldiers accuse Lawrence of aiding the German submarines in 1917

Adrienne Burgess: Katherine Mansfield

Andrew Lodge: British Officer

Mary Gifford: Purity League Leader

John Hudson: Clerk to Herbert G. Muskett

Daniel Chatto: Aquitania Officer

Gareth Forward: Photographer on Aquitania

Roger Sloman: Reporter on Aquitania

The Frank Marcus Indian Dancers: Indian Dancers from the Taos Pueblo

Shane Rimmer: Chief Immigration Officer

Adrian Montano: Tinsmith

l-r Adrian Montano, Janet Suzman, Ian McKellen and Penelope Keith
Lawrence tries to explain to a tinsmith in Oaxaca how to make an ear-trumpet

La Marimba Hermanos Lagunas: Street Musicians

Mike Morris: Doctor Uhlfelder

Nigel Goldsack: Alan Chambers (not credited)

Natasha Buchanan: Jessie Chambers

Patrick Holt: Arthur Lawrence

Anne Dyson: Lydia Lawrence

Andrew Fell: Young Lawrence (not credited)

Julian Fellowes: Barbara's fiancé

Elizabeth Spender: Elsa Weekley

Burnell Tucker: Earl Brewster

Sarah Brackett: Achsah Brewster

l-r Ian McKellen, local fisherman and Jane Booker
Lawrence takes his step-daughter, Barbara, fishing in Italy

Madeleine Todd: Harwood Brewster

Grazinana Cappellini: Giulia Pini

Wendy Alnutt: Maria Huxley

Andrea Occhipinti: Young Printer

l-r Elio Pandolfi, Andrea Occhipinti with Ian McKellen - at Giuntina, the printers in Florence, where Lawrence compares his original phoenix emblem with the printed version to go on the cover of 'Lady Chatterley's Lover'

Derek Martin: Policemen

Brian McDermott: Policeman

David Glover: Warren Gallery reporter

Roy Herrick: Warren Gallery reporter

Mellan Mitchell: Aga Khan

l-r John Hudson with John Gielgud in the Warren Gallery, who is noting which paintings of Lawrence the police are to carry away the following day